Selected List of Invited Lectures

2022 "The Embankment on My Mind", An exhibition of art and science. Jersey City University Galleries  Nov. 1.
2020 " Native Nonnative or Nostalgia ?" School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. Science Cafe. Nov. 17.
2018 “Green is Good, but Ecotypes Matter” Rutgers Department of Landscape Architecture, Common Lecture. Nov. 28.
2018 “Leaf Area, and Indicator of Resilience in a Urban Wildland over Several Decades” Rutgers Center for Resilient Landscapes, September 25.
2017 “Temporal Changes in Leaf Area Index Within an Urban Brownfield” ESA Portland, Oregon. Aug. 9.
2017 “Post Industrial Ecology – no historic reference required”. Hixon Center for Urban Ecology. Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. March 27.
2017 “Unbuilding Green Infrastructure in Environmental Planning”. New Jersey American Planning Association. New Brunswick, N.J. Jan. 23.
2017 “Is Brown the New Green, What Urban Wildlands Can Do”. Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education. Princeton N.J. Jan 19.
2016 Liberty State Park: A Study in Social and Ecological Democracy. New Jersey Historic Forum Nov. 19.
2016 “Re-envisioning Post-Industrial Public Landscapes: Freshkills Park and Liberty State Park”, Center for Resilient Landscapes, a partnership between Rutgers University, the US Forest Service, and the Department of Landscape Architecture March 27.
2016 “Urban Wildlands and Biodiversity N.J. Land Conservation Rally, Trenton, N.J. March 18. 2015 “An Introduction to Wetland Ecology” Natural Lands Stewardship Workshop Focus on Wetlands Management. Eco Complex Bordentown Township, NJ Dec. 3.
2015 “Post-Industrial Ecology -The Road Less Traveled” Ecological Society of America, Annual Conference, Baltimore Maryland August 14. 2015 “Brownfield to Greenfields with Trees” Casey Tree Webinar Series, May 20.
2014 “Pollution Mitigation and Contamination Risk” New Jersey Shade Tree Federation, annual conference, Cherry Hill New Jersey, Oct 24.
2014 “From Brownfields to Greenfilds the Easy Way”. Graduate Seminar, the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources, Rutgers The State University, New Brunswick N.J. October 2.
2014 “Photosynthetic capacity of common tree species under conditions of soil metal induced stress within an urban brownfield”. 99th ESA Annual Meeting, Sacramento California, August 13.
2013 "From Blight to Bright, through Phytostabilization", 16th European Forum on Urban Forestry Conference, Milano, Italy, May 10.
2013 “Ways Artist Take on Environmental Issues” Culture Trashes Nature Series, A Project of the Slideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, New York March 10th.
2013 “Maintenance Survival and its Relation to Freedom”, a conversation with Mierle Laderman Ukeies, Brooklyn Museum, New York, New York, January 13.
2012 “Valuing Ecosystem Services of Urban Green Space” Montclair State University: Sustainability Seminar Series, Montclair State University. January 31.
2011 “Allometric Relationships of Betula populifolia in a Naturally Assembled Urban Woodlot: Implications for Carbon Modeling”. Ecological Society of America, Austin, Texas. August 11.
2011 "Growth of Betula populifolia Marsh. along a metal contamination gradient". International Society of Arboriculture Annual Conference, Sydney Australia. July 27.
2011 "How Ecosystem Service Markets Challenge the Public Trust". American Forest Foundation, Project Learning Tree, International Conference, Montgomery Texas. June 10.

2011 "Focusing on Forests or Soybeans?" American Forest Foundation, Project Learning Tree, International Conference Montgomery Texas. June 9.
2011 "Corporate Environmental Responsibility, Returns on Investment in the Land". Pershing LLC. A BNY Mellon Company. Jersey City, N.J. April 27.
2011 “Urban Wildlands, Structure, Function and Ecological Risk". Society of Ecological Restoration, Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, April 1.
2011 "Allometric relationships of Betula populifolia under conditions of soil metal induced stress". Ecological Society of America, Mid-Atlantic Conference. Montclair State University,, New Jersey, April 9.
2010 "From Blight to Bright Solutions for Remediation and Adaptive re-use of Postindustrial Sites". American Society of Landscape Architects Annual Conference. Wolfram Hoefer, Frank Gallagher, Brian Clemson. Washington, D.C., Sept 10.
2010 “Ecosystem Services and Markets.” American Forest Foundation, Project Learning Tree International Conference. Lake Tahoe, Nevada. May 18.
2010 “Phytostabilization of Brownfield Soils.” American Institute of Professional Geologist, Annual Meeting, , Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey. May 12.
2010 Shaping the ‘City’ of New Jersey. A workshop for Rutgers faculty working on urban-suburban issues, Rutgers Cooperative Extension’s Environmental and Resource Management County Agents, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and public officials throughout the State to craft sustainable solutions. April 16 2010 " Brownfields to Greenfields, Ecological Risk and Ecological Function." Jersey City University, Center for Learning and Teaching. Jersey City, New Jersey. March 31.
2010 "Brownfields to Greenfields, The Science and the Art. Association of Science Museum Directors. Mid-Winter Meeting, Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, New Jersey. Feb. 4. 2009 "Ecological Risk Associated with the Phytostabilization of an Urban Brownfield”, National Watchable Wildlife Conference Avalon, New Jersey.
2009 "Soil Metal Contamination Influences the Vegetation Assemblage Development of an Urban Brownfield", Annual ESA conference, Albuquerque New Mexico.
2008 “Restoration of Liberty State Park, an Urban Brownfield”, National Association of Harbor Estuary Programs, Annual Conference New York, New York.
2008 “Creating and Maintaining Urban Parks” Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, Annual Conference. New York, New York. 2008 “Parks, People and Place” Keynote address, The New Jersey Tree Federation, 83rd Annual Meeting, cherry Hill New Jersey. 2007 “The Myths Associated with Sustainable Forestry”, meeting of the American Forest Foundation. Idaho City, Idaho.
2007 “The Relationship between Soil Metal Load and Vegetative Assemblage Structure, Colombia University, School of Architecture. 2007 “Soil Metal Concentrations and Vegetative Assemblage Structure in an Urba, Brownfield”, International Society Arboriculture, Conference Hawaii.
2006 “Demographic Transition and the Corresponding Need for Natural Resource Based Educational Materials. New Jersey Shade Tree Federation’s annual conference in Cherry Hill, NJ.
2005 “Demographic Transition and its Impact on Regional Forest Resources”. The American Forest Foundation’s Project Learning Tree Conference, International Conference. Portland Or.
2001 “Connecting Forestry to People”, for the American Forest Foundation, invitation by Princess Abdullah of Jordan, Amman Jordan